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Restaurants in Chico

2477 Forest Avenue
Red Tavern
1250 The Esplanade
Sicilian Café
1020 Main Street
Sierra Nevada
1075 East 20th St .
Angelo's Cucina Trinacria
407 Walnut Street
Nash's Restaurant
1717 The Esplanade
5th Street Steakhouse
345 W. Fifth Street
Spice Creek
230 W. 3rd Street
Basque Norte
3355 Esplanade
Monks Bistro & Wine Lounge
128 West 2nd Street
Leon Bistro
817 Main Street
Christian Michaels Ristoranté
192 E. Third Stret

The Pour House
855 East Avenue
Broadway Heights
300 Broadway
Wine Time
26 Lost Dutchman Dr
1908 E. 20th Street
675 Manzanita Court
Grilla Bites
196 Cohasset Road
Jack's Family Restaurant
540 Main Street
Logan's Roadhouse
1900 E. 20th Street
209 Salem Street
Morning Thunder Cafe
352 Vallombrosa Ave.
Outback Steakhouse
1990 E. 20th Street
Olive Garden
2020 Business Lane
201 Main Street
Russell Family Restaurant
185 Cohasset Road
Scotty's Landing
12609 River Road
Sin of Cortez
2290 The Esplanade
2030 Business Lane
Red Lobster
2010 Business Lane
The Kitchen Table
1250 East Ave

Roots Restaurant
3221 The Esplanade

B Street Public House
117 Broadway Street .
Nash's Restaurant & Omelette House
1717 The Esplanade
Café Coda
265 Humboldt Avenue
Original Pete's
2495 Carmichael Drive
Cozy Diner
1695 Mangrove Avenue
Midtown Local
365 E. 6th Street
International House of Pancakes
2040 Business Lane
Smokin' MO's BBQ
131 Broadway
Wild Oak Cafe
196 Cohasset Road

Beatniks Coffee House
1387 E. 8th Street
Bidwell Perk
664 East First Ave
Naked Lounge
118 W. Second Street
T. Tea Bar & Fusion Café
250 Vallombrosa Ave
Upper Crust Bakery & Café
130 Main Street
100th Monkey Cafe & Books
642 W. Fifth Street
It's A Grind Coffee House
6 W. Eaton Road
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
2060 Business Lane
Sweet Cottage ~ pies & lemonades.
220 Broadway
Mim's Bakery
890 Humboldt Ave .
Mondo's Cafe
951 Nord Avenue
Tin Roof Bakery
627 Broadway
Cal Java Coffee Rosters
216 W. East Ave
Brooklyn Bridge Bagel Works
117 W 2nd Street

Beach Hut Deli
146 W. Second Street
The Dog House
1008 W Sacramento & 1354 East Ave
138 Main Street. & 965 Nord Avenue .
Marcelli's Sandwiches
215 W. First Street
Spiteri's Deli
971 East Avenue
160 Convair Street & 2404 Park Ave.
Chico Locker
196 E 14th Street
2560 Dominic Drive
Wing. Stop
734 Mangrove Ave.
see website for locations
Kinder's Deli
221 Normal Avenue
The Pita Pit
240 Broadway
Zot's Hot Dogs
225 Main Street
Jersey Mike's SUBS
605 Mangrove Ave
Big Chico Burger
1550 East Ave
Madison Bear Garden
2nd Avenue & Salem
Burger Hut
2451 Forest Ave & 3211 Cohasset Rd
1444 Park Avenue
Burgers & Brew
201 Broadway

Big Tuna Sushi Bistro
1722 Mangrove Ave
Chada Thai Cuisine
117-B 2nd Street
Cocodine Thai Cuisine
2485 Notre Dame Blvd.
Gen Kai Japanese Cuisine
605 Mangrove Ave
House of Bamboo
163 East Second St
Hula's Chinese
2540 The Esplanade & 1937 E. 20th St
Kwando Restaurant
740 Mangrove Ave
Noodle House
605 Mangrove Ave
Peeking Chinese
243 W. 2nd St
Chicoichi Ramen
243 W. Ninth St
Rice Bowl
2804 The Esplanade
Thai Basil
121 Broadway
Gogi's Cafe
230 Salem Street
Windy's Chinese
1000 W. Sacramento
Izakaya Ichiban
2000 Notre Dame Blvd
Sultan's Bistro
5th Street at Broadway
Chan Pheng's Mandarin Cuisine
1140 Mangrove Ave
Peter Chu's Mandarin Cuisine
2424 Cohasset Rd
Happy Garden .
180 Cohasset Rd
Tong Fong Low
2072 East 20th St
Japanese Blossoms
2995 The Esplanade
Wok 'n' Roll
1008 W. Sacramento
The Rawbar
346 Broadway
Sipho's Restaurant & Cafe
1228 Dayton Road
Aonami's Sustainable Sushi
1008 West Sacramento

Bidwell Park Pizza
800 Bruce Road
Celestino's New York Pizza
101 Salem Street & 1354 East Ave
506 Ivy Street
Italian Cottage
2234 The Esplanade & 2525 Dominic Drive
Domino's Pizza
324 Walnut Street
Panighetti's Eatery
1851 Esplanade
Woodstock Pizza
166 E 2nd Street
Grana - Wood Fired Foods
198 E 2nd Street
JT's Oven
1380 East Ave

Mad Dash Pizza & Wings
2391 Cohasset Road

Farm Star Pizza
2359 The Esplanade
Mamma Celeste's Stone Baked Pizzeria
1008 W. Sacramento
Main Street Pizza
331 Main Street
Round Table Pizza
964 Mangrove Ave + 2201 Pillsbury Road +
2027 Forest Ave
Monstros Pizza
628 West Sacramento
Forcella Italian Bistro
1600 Mangrove Ave. Chico

Aca Taco
133 Broadway & West Sacramento
Bulldog Taqueria
995 Nord Avenue
Casa Ramos
216 W. East  Avenue & 2490 Fair Street
Chico Rico's Tamales
900 Cherry Street
Chronic Tacos
119 W. 2nd Street
El Patron Taqueria
1354 East Avenue
Gordo Burrito
1295 E 8th Street
La Comida Mexican
954 Mangrove Avenue
La Hacienda
2635 The Esplanade
973 East Avenue
SOL Mexican Grill
3269 The Esplanade
Tacos Tijuana
1441 Park Avenue
Tortilla Flats
2601 Esplanade
Tres Hombres
100 Broadway
Chipotle Mexican Grill
620 Mangrove Ave
El Rey Mexican Grill
465 E. 20th Street
La Cocina Economica
corner of 9th and Wall
La Familia Restaurant
1008 W Sacramento
Teddy Malibu's
5th and Cedar
Ricardo's Mexican Cocina
2365 Esplanade
Burrito Bandito
Skyway at Notre Dame

Fork In The Road
a gathering of food trucks and carts in Chico
Street Food Chico
Celebrating the food trucks and carts on the streets of Chico
1903 Park Avenue . 345-7787 - Catering & Carry Out Cuisine
Midnight Munchies
Home delivery of fresh baked goods. Open at 8pm and close at 1am . Closed Monday.
Entree Express
Restaurant delivery at participating restaurants
The Jerky Gurls
outrageously original boutique beef jerky
Chico Chai
Chico Chai tea is a rare brew, one made entirely from whole, real ingredients, no flavorings or extracts. Made in Chico ,
Gourmet Carmel Corn and Nuts
Now available in local Chico stores!
Chico Baking Company
Specializing in gluten free and vegan baked goods.